Mental Edge Athletics helps athletes get into the zone for optimal performance.

No matter what sport you enjoy or what stage you play at, you’ve the potential to attain maximum performance–and recognizing that is the goal of everybody who makes athletics a part of their lives. And just as you may get the guidance of golf and tennis professionals, marathon runners, and skiing instructors, the extra thing you need to maximise your{performance is not in your swing, your speed, or your posture–it’s in your mind.

The program we employ to develop and improve the sports performances of a large number of skilled and inexperienced athletes across the country includes among others:

  • Power Talk
  • Correct Visualization and Perception Stretchers
  • Performance Cues
  • Determining and Conquering Limitations
  • A Commitment to Regular and Resilient Action

Your mind can be your most important device, your strongest muscle–and your very best opportunity at maximum performance for life.

What our clients are saying

Jordan Lisko

Before I met with Sarah, I would struggle with the pressures of tournament golf. Sure, I had won or played well in a few tournaments but I struggled to keep my composure when rounds would begin to get away from me. Anger, frustration, disappointment, and many negative emotions would prevent me from peak performance. One bad shot led to another, and it would quickly snowball into a couple of holes. I enjoyed work together over the course of the competitive season, and even when in-person sessions were tough to arrange, we were able to discuss through many email exchanges.
Sarah was able to help with the mental side of golf through various psychological exercises. These exercises became the lifeline of my tournament season as it would help me easily identify triggers that would have led me to playing poor golf in the past.
Sarah is an expert in the psychological field of sport, and has the ability to assist athletes reach the elite levels through strong mental game techniques. I considered myself a “headcase” in the past, however, with help from Sarah, I was able to regain form and compete effectively at the elite level and be a consistent top player for Brock University in my senior year, helping the team earn a berth at the Canadian University/College Championships this past Spring in Chilliwack, B.C.

Denis Vachon

6 Time World Medallist, Competitive Director at Dynamo Gymnastics

Emma Spence

Canadian National Team Member

Sarah has helped me be able to manage my nerves, and to not be as stressed during and preparing for competitions which has helped me compete better. Sarah has also taught me to analyze everything before and after competition so that I can know what needs improvement and what I did right to get the results I did.
Since working with Sarah, my performance has been better because I am much more confident going into competitions because I know everything I need to do and what to think about to make sure I get into my optimal mental state before performing.
I love that Sarah and I are able to communicate with each other, and having her be involved during training really helps me know that she sees my point of view if I am worried or stressed in the gym.
Sarah is very trustworthy and I can tell her everything I need to without being embarrassed so we can always work through anything.

Rachel Lucas

As someone who once couldn’t run to save my life, I never thought I would be finishing multiple half Marathons or even a 30Km race. Mental Edge Athletics has given me the confidence to realize that I can do anything as long as I set my mind right. They’ve taught me how to change the way I think in order to push through the mentally tough training runs. Most importantly, they’ve helped me accept that although I’m not the fastest runner out there, I’m working hard to better myself and that makes me a true athlete.


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