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The Mental Edge Athletics team consists of mental skills consultants with a proven track record of success.


MA Sport Psychology, BSc.
Mental Performance Coach for Sport

Sarah is a Mental Performance Coach for Sport with a Masters degree in Human Kinetics specializing in sport psychology from the University of Ottawa. She has always had a true passion for sport and athletics and has been involved in competitive sports for her entire life.

As a Mental Performance Coach, she provides athletes with the training of mental and psychological skills to ensure that they are able to use their physical capabilities to their maximum potential. Sarah uses a combination of academic knowledge and personal experiences as an elite athlete to guide athletes through mental skills training using sport psychology techniques and strategies which facilitate the enhancement of sports performance.

When an athlete develops the mental strength to compliment the extensive and intense physical demands of sports, higher levels of performance become consistent and regular, increasing the probability of desirable competitive outcomes.

The main purpose of mental skills training is to help athletes develop an overall competitive edge and perform at their peak potential. In addition to having competed at the provincial, national and international levels in gymnastics, power tumbling and cheerleading, Sarah also has 14 years of experience coaching gymnastics and tumbling and is a certified personal trainer. Sarah’s diverse experience in all facets of sport gives her a comprehensive understanding of all of the demands placed on an athlete. This enables her to fully relate to an athlete’s needs, and enhances her ability to use a holistic approach to guide athletes towards optimal performance.
Sarah currently continues to fuel her passion for training and competing through the sport of Open Water Marathon Swimming, as well as competitive masters swimming.


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Ryan Gallagher


MA Sport Psychology, BSc.
Mental Performance Coach

Michael is a Mental Performance Coach and a graduate from the University of Ottawa with a Masters degree in Human Kinetics specializing in Sport/Performance Psychology. Michael has been an athlete all his life playing in many high-level competitive sports, and has found a true passion in performance coaching as a way to give back to sport and other performance contexts.

As a Mental Performance Coach, Michael strives to bridge the gap between an individual’s current performance and their performance potential by developing and building mental skills through in-game focus, event/game preparation, and emotional control – to name a few. When it comes to sport and performance contexts, Michael firmly believes that training the mind is as important as training the body. Many athletes have the physical ability to perform a skill, routine, or play, but not necessarily when it matters most. Michael is dedicated to helping individuals perform when it matters.

Michael has a broad experience in high-level competitive sport, led primarily by ice hockey. His hockey career was highlighted by being drafted to the Barrie Colts of the OHL in 2007. Michael went on to play three years of junior ‘A’ hockey at the provincial level.

Though Michael’s personal experience in performance comes mainly from sport, he is a strong believer and advocate in applying the same principles of performance psychology to other disciplines such as music, performing arts, and the business world and is actively working with clients in these areas.

Michael continues to fill his competitive drive by training and competing in CrossFit (a combination of weightlifting, gymnastics, and bodyweight movements).


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