Why do you need to recover with the same intensity as you train?

Let’s start with a short personal story. I used to be a competitive athlete, and unfortunately for me my time has passed. Story over…just kidding. That being said, I still enjoy the feeling of pushing myself to the limit through physical exercise. Currently, training (working out) hard is big hobby of mine.  A short while ago I was talking to a friend about a multitude of discomforts and injuries I was working through, and he asked me “do you recover as hard as you train?” I though briefly, and came to the abrupt and resounding conclusion of NO, I do not.

As the rather common sense conventional wisdom began to kick in, I realized that I needed to adjust my perspective on how I train before I seriously hurt myself. I then started to wonder whether I followed this principle when I was a competitive athlete, and I came to the same conclusion that no, I did not. I took for granted the ‘beatings’ my young body AND mind was able to take.

Now I like math, so stay with me for a second. In high performance sport culture, the definition of success boiled down to the absolute basics probably looks like this for most people:

Hard Work + Dedication = Strong Performance = Winning (Success)

Now there’s a lot to take apart here, but for the sake of this blog post, I will only address the topic of recovery. Where does recovery go in this equation? I see it here

Hard Work + Dedication – Hard Recovery = Inconsistent Performance

Hard Work + Dedication + Hard Recovery = Consistent Strong Performance

If you train hard and perform hard without giving your mind and body a chance to recover, your performance will eventually suffer, both in training and in competition. You can count on that.

Plan your recovery just as you plan your training, and attack it with the same drive and intensity that you have for success. Success is more than hard work, and recovery is an important piece of the puzzle.


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-Written by Michael D’Angelo


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