What is perspective, and what does it mean to have perspective?

Here’s a quick definition. Perspective is the way you see something, and the way you see things lays the foundation for your beliefs about the world, and the people and things that happen in it.

Everyone has their own perspectives on things. Whenever we meet someone new, or hear about an event that happened, our brain automatically creates opinions or beliefs.

Now here’s what’s interesting; I noted above that our brain essentially creates perspectives for us, and those are often based on our life experience to that point, our current mood, and a number of other factors. BUT, are we married to this perspective?

Let’s look at an example. You go into a competition feeling good, you compete, and your results are below your expectations, and your goals of where you wanted to be. What is your perspective? Perhaps you choose to think that you performed poorly because it just wasn’t your day. Perhaps you are very disappointed in yourself, and choose to think that you are no longer good at what you do. Perhaps you go so far as to think that your performance is a reflection of you as a person and that means that you are no good…

What determines which of these perspectives we take in this situation? Ultimately, it is a choice. Said incliché words –you decide whether you see the glass as half empty or half full. It’s up to you how you frame situations, and events, in your performance and in your life. So why not choose the perspective that’s going that have the most positive impact on your performance and life?

I’ll leave you with some powerful words to ponder, and perhaps a question to try and answer:

Things are NOT the way they are, thing are how we THINK they are. So how do you THINK things are for you, and how would you like to think about them differently?

This is the start to finding a perspective that leads to peak performance.

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Written By: Michael D’Angelo, MHK


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