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Individual success in consulting is largely dependent on the willingness of the client to be open and honest with the consultant. The client must be willing to apply the applications agreed upon between the client and consultant in working toward the goals set forth and is expected to express any concerns as they arise.

Scheduling Policy

If a session is scheduled to take place outside of the office, the same rates as in-office sessions apply and must be paid for in advance. If the client is unable to attend the scheduled on-location session, it will be rescheduled with no additional fees.
You may cancel scheduled appointments up to 12 hours before the appointment time. Please be aware that appointments cancelled with less than 12 hours’ notice will be billed at the regular rate for the appointment.

Records and Confidentiality

The code of ethics for consultants and provincial and federal laws consider personal information you disclose to the consultant to be confidential. Mental Edge Athletics Inc. and the helping professional may not reveal any information about you to another person without your permission unless required by law. Instances in which confidential information may be disclosed are as follows:

  • you are or appear to be in imminent danger of doing harm to yourself or others in which case the consultant is legally mandated or ethically permitted to intervene;
  • the consultant has reasonable suspicion based on your report that you or anyone else may be or have been a victim of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse; or
  • there is a court order or summons for court attendance or for a production of your records.

In any of these situations, the client will be made aware that information will be disclosed to the extent permitted by law.

Bio-Feedback and Neuro Performance Assessment Data

With the client’s permission, consultations may include the use of bio-feedback devices like heartrate monitors and EEG (electroencephalogram) sensors.
A neuro-performance assessment is a non-medical assessment that can be used to identify strengths, weaknesses, and trends in mental acuity, concentration, problem-solving, multitasking, resource management, and decision-making. A neuro- performance assessment is conducted using a headphone-like headset with dry EEG sensors that collect data about the client’s brainwaves while the client performs concentration and problem- solving activities.

If the client would like to include non-medical neuro-performance assessments or heartrate monitoring as part of the consultation sessions, the client consents (and, if the client is under the age of 18, then the parent or guardian signing below consents) to the collection, use, and disclosure of the client’s brainwave data, other neuro-performance assessment metrics, and heartrate data (together “sensor data”) to assist in mental or sport performance coaching and as otherwise set out below. In order to use the EEG equipment, heartrate monitor, and related software that makes the sensors functional, the client’s personal information and sensor data may be stored and analyzed on Mental Edge Athletics Inc.’s equipment or uploaded to third-party software vendors that analyze and store the information using internet-based cloud computing solutions that may be located outside of Canada. Subject to the third-party vendor’s privacy policy, the client’s sensor data may be anonymized and used by the vendor without further consent or compensation.

List of third-party vendors and privacy policies
Vendor (Headset) Privacy Policy
Neuro Therapeutics Inc. (Versus) http://getversus.com/legal
Interaxon (Muse) http://choosemuse.com/legal
HeartMath, Inc. (emWave Pro) http://heartmath.com/about/privacy-policy

It is expressly understood by the client (and the client’s parent or guardian, if applicable) that neuro-performance assessments and heartrate monitoring performed during consultations are not medical procedures and cannot be used to diagnose or identify the cause of any symptoms, disease, or disorder the client may have or be experiencing. Heartrate monitoring is not an electrocardiogram (ECG) procedure. If the client requires a medical assessment of symptoms for the purpose of a reliable medical diagnosis, the client should consult with a licensed medical doctor, phycologist, psychiatrist, or other health care professional.

Photo and Video Consent

If you would like, Mental Edge Athletics Inc. would be proud to share news about your success in competition in a blog post on our website or on our social media channels. If you provide us with a picture or video to post on our website or social media accounts, you give us (and, if the client is under the age of 18, then the parent or guardian signing below also gives us) permission and a royalty-free license to publish in all forms of media and make derivative works from such picture or video and waive all moral rights related to such picture or video as well as a guarantee the picture or video does not infringe on anyone’s copyright.


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